Golden Riverfront Campground


Sautéed Vegetables

Get ready to savor the flavors of our Stir-Fried Garden Delight! This classic Chinese dish features an array of fresh vegetables, expertly sautéed to retain their crispness. With a hint of garlic and a touch of savor sauce, this dish is a true veggie lover’s dream.

Option A

Black Pepper Chicken

You won’t believe how amazing the Black Pepper Chicken is at our new Chinese takeout spot in Nicholson, B.C.! It’s a flavor explosion with tender chicken, black pepper, and a medley of other spices. Every bite is a burst of deliciousness, so don’t miss out on this mouth-watering dish!

Option B

Ginger Beef

Introducing our Ginger Beef! Tender slices of beef are wok-fried to perfection with a generous amount of ginger, creating a delightful balance of flavors. Each bite is a combination of savory and slightly spicy goodness.

All Combos Come with  Sautéed Vegetables & Rice – Upgrade to FRIED RICE for $2.00

Pick up Location

Our Kitchen is located at:

Drive Approximately 5km south of Golden BC on Hwy.95, Turn right at Nicholson Road; Take the first right on Canyon Road to cross the bridge that spans the Columbia River. Proceed to where McBeath Road splits off to the right. The campground will be on your right. Proceed for 1 km along McBeath Road until you reach the campground driveway and turn right.